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Rep. Leonard Christian, R-Spokane Valley, opposed House Bill 1240, a measure proposed by Washington's attorney general that would outlaw the manufacture, importation, distribution, sale, or offer for sale of any “assault...

March 8, 2023

Rep. Leonard Christian, R-Spokane, rose on the House floor to speak about the experience of losing his mother to fentanyl during debate on House Bill 1209.

March 7, 2023

Rep. Leonard Christian urged the House to hold criminals accountable for their actions and spoke against the passage of House Bill 1169, which would shift the cost of crime from criminals...

March 1, 2023

Rep. Leonard Christian, R-Spokane Valley, proposed an amendment to House Bill 1384 to ensure that service members who have been subject to entry-level separation, bad conduct discharge, dishonorable discharge, or officer...

Feb. 22, 2023